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Android users may play a Shota-Kun-focused game called Tag After School mobile. The game’s story is its main focus, and your decisions determine the path the game takes. After school, Shota-Kun is terrified to participate in extracurricular activities. There is nothing left for him to do but go to the closed institution and confront his fears. For the character to go through the game unhindered, the player must assist him in making sensible decisions. The action takes place at what appears to be a Japanese high school. While touring the many parts of the school, the player will need to engage with the many children and instructors.

The graphics exhibit a great deal of care and attention to detail, and the game provides a genuine experience. All of the controls are easy to use and comprehend. It is possible, nonetheless, that the game will contain adult-oriented content unsuitable for young players.

What is Tag After School?

A horror mystery game called Tag After School was created with lone players in mind. The game is compatible with Windows PCs and Android devices. The goal of the game is to stay alive at a Japanese school till six o’clock at night while exploring the building and dodging hazards and ghosts with a flashlight that runs out of juice. A player can accomplish their objectives with three lives.

Tag After School Features

1. Intense Gameplay: Navigating Life and Choices

The gameplay of Tag After School centers on Shota-Kun’s life, a high school student dealing with a variety of difficulties. His connections, academic goals, and other things will be influenced by your decisions and deeds. Will you use your might and influence or play the part of the good guy? It’s up to you to decide. Enter this interactive story game where decisions have real-world repercussions.

2. Old School Graphics and Intuitive Controls

Gorgeous visuals and a vintage pixelated animation style evoking bygone gaming eras come together in Tag After School. As you enter Shota-Kun’s universe, the rich details and vivid colors create an enthralling environment. Additionally, you may direct Shota-Kun’s activities by clicking on various alternatives thanks to the simple and easy game controls.

3. Play as Shota-Kun: Shape His Destiny

The future of Shota-Kun. Throughout the game, every choice you make will affect your life, posing obstacles that will try your willpower. Will Shota-Kun overcome hardship, or will it overcome him? Take part in the journey and find out how your decisions turn out.

4. Multifaceted Storylines: Your Choices, Your Narrative

Create a narrative all your own in Tag After SchoolApk. Your trip will take an unexpected turn when you engage with the varied individuals and delve further into the game’s environment. Every turn and twist has a distinct result, so no two players ever tell the same tale. Investigate your options and write a story that captures your creativity.

5. Plenty of Ghosts and Difficulties Ahead: Remain One Step Ahead

Get ready for an exciting journey that will be full of surprises and fun. You’ll come across a variety of ghosts in the game, and you’ll need to utilize cunning to outwit and outlive each one. Keep an eye out for the many traps strewn about the school and be cautious at all times. And watch out for the ruthless female ghost—getting too near to her might be deadly. While navigating through this heart-pounding game, stay one step ahead of your foes and traps.

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The Fascinating Story of “Tag After School”

In Tag After School, the life of Shota-Kun, a high school student searching for his identity, is followed. Shota-Kun is excited and anxious as she starts a new school year at the start of the game. Throughout the game, you will come across a variety of individuals, including professors, friends, and possible love interests. Shota-Kun’s journey is shaped by every encounter, from his academic goals to his handling of the intricacies of interpersonal relationships.

The game’s plot is determined by the decisions you make in reaction to these occurrences. Shota-Kun’s relationships, academic standing, and personal development are all impacted by every choice she makes. The decisions you make get more intricate as you go along, creating branching plotlines and different outcomes. Will Shota-Kun pursue a career in athletics, fall in love, or concentrate just on her studies? You can choose his fate.

Pros and Cons of Tag After School


  • A captivating and distinctive game platform that lets users experience various job options and mold their adult lives.
  • A captivating plot that centers on Shota-Kun, a shy high school student who must deal with the difficulties of a haunted school at night.
  • The capacity to make judgments that influence life objectives offers a practical understanding of how actions affect the future.
  • The capacity to make judgments that influence life objectives offers a practical understanding of how actions affect the future.
  • Points for improvements and prizes like flashlights are awarded after finishing tasks.


• The graphics might not be up to par with those in other games of the same kind.

• Some players may find the game’s difficulty level to be tough, which might limit accessibility.

Tag After School mobile for Android and IOS:

Playing the really captivating Tag After School  Android game will make you feel as though you’re wearing Shota shoes. You will sense Kun’s nervousness and the pressure he has to make the correct decisions. Throughout the game, you’ll need to make snap judgments, which will need constant awareness of your surroundings. Both the narrative and the gameplay are really engaging. There’s some very good gaming. This game offers a fresh perspective on what it’s like to be a high school student and will hold your attention until the very end. When Shota-Kun is forced to go to school alone, the narrative starts. You can feel the tension rising because of how realistic the situation is.

In addition, each character is well-developed and has a distinct personality. The purpose of the Mod for Tag After School  free download was to make the game much harder. It will bring more foes and traps, so if you want to succeed, you’ll need to go with much more caution. The elimination of advertisements and in-app purchases by the MOD also offers a more smooth gameplay experience.

If you want to enjoy the game and find a challenge while playing, this is how to do it. The free Tag After School  download MOD was developed in order to drastically increase the difficulty of the game. You need to continue much more cautiously if you want to succeed since it will present new enemies and traps.

How to Download and Install Tag After School

  1. Download the most recent Tag After School version click on this link.
  2. Make sure your device permits installs from unknown sources before beginning. This setting is located under “Security” in the settings of your device.
  3. To install the modified program, open the downloaded file and adhere to the on-screen directions.
  4. After the app has been installed, use it to enjoy the improved After School experience.


Tag After School is a horror mystery game that may be played alone on PC or Android devices. It tests your ability to avoid harm and explore the haunted school till six o’clock. Tag After School is an exciting and distinct game with simple controls, amazing visuals, and involved gameplay.

Tag After School is more than just a game; it’s an opportunity for you to push yourself and shape Shota-Kun’s destiny. His life is shaped by your choices, which open up many possibilities. Create complex, unique tales, avoid many ghosts and traps, and always be one step ahead of your adversaries. Then, it’s time to go off on this fascinating journey and compose your own unique story.


1. In what type of setting do I play?

As they explore a haunted school in Japan, players come across obstacles and uncover tools to help them advance.

2. What is the objective of the game Tag After School?

The objective is to fulfill a challenge issued by a senior girl: spend the night by yourself in the haunted school, keeping safe until dawn while dodging adversaries.

3. What impact will my choices have on my professional path?

Your professional path is impacted by the choices you make in the game. Making wise decisions will help you get closer to your life’s ambitions.

4. Does it fit people of all ages?

The game might not be appropriate for anyone outside of this age range because it is meant for early teens (ages 13 to 17).

5. Is it free to play “Tag After School”?

Although you may download and play the game for free, there are in-app payments available to hasten your progress.

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