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There is a greater need than ever for mobile apps in today’s hectic digital world. Both people and businesses are looking for effective and affordable solutions to create applications that can be used on a variety of platforms and reach a large audience. Here comes Ionic Sim, a powerful tool that makes cross-platform mobile app development easier.

What is an Onic App?

With Onic, consumers in Pakistan may enjoy unmatched pricing, exclusive benefits, quick SIM delivery, and easy activation. Onic is a digital telecom app. The software lets users port in their cell number and choose a favorite number in-app. It gives unlimited calls to any network and 5,000–10,000 SMS with their subscriptions. In addition, Onic offers free eSIM or physical SIM cards to users’ doorsteps in a few cities, 30-day high-speed 4G data plans with rollover of unused data, plans with no hidden fees, and free home delivery.

Important Features of the Onic App

Onic app

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

Using a single codebase, you can create apps that work on iOS, Android, and the web using Ionic Sim. In comparison to creating unique native apps for every device, this approach conserves both time and resources.

Rich Community:

With more than 100 community meetups and more than 123,000 Twitter followers, Ionic boasts a thriving community. This implies that other developers can provide you with resources, inspiration, and help.

Large Selection of UI Components:

Ionic Sim provides more than 100 UI components, making it simple to create stunning interfaces. Beautiful user interfaces may be rapidly created without beginning from scratch.

Strong CLI:

With its abundance of dev tools and support options, the Ionic CLI is the recommended installation method. It makes the process of developing apps simpler and makes it easier to design, develop, test, and launch your app.

Improved Editor Tooling:

You may carry out frequent activities right from your editor and adhere to best practices with the Ionic VS Code Extension. Your process becomes more efficient, and your productivity increases.

Prioritizing the user experience with a fluid interface for simple navigation is known as user-centric design.

All-in-One Solution:

Providing a feature-rich app that allows users to check their balance, look into new offers, and get in touch with customer support all in one location.

Safe and Reliable:

Providing end-to-end encryption in an era of data breaches to protect user privacy and security.

Easy Activation:

After a successful verification process, consumers to activate their SIM cards via the Onic app or online application.

How to Start With Onic Sim

Onic App

To begin using Ionic Sim, take the following actions:

  • Put the Ionic CLI in place: The recommended installation method is the Ionic CLI, which provides a wealth of developer tools and support choices.
  • Select Your Structure: Popular frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue are supported by Ionic. Pick the one that most closely matches your requirements and tastes.
  • Adhere to the Guidelines: The step-by-step instructions in Ionic’s documentation let you create beautiful user interfaces and quickly go from nothing to an application. Make use of these tools to advance your knowledge and abilities.
  • Investigate the Components: Take use of the vast collection of UI components to easily and rapidly create beautiful interfaces. You may mix and match these elements to make your own custom app design.
  • Deploy to Multiple Platforms: With Ionic Sim, you can quickly and easily launch your application on iOS, Android, and the web. By doing this, you may reach a larger audience and offer a unified user experience across all platforms.

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How to Download the Onic App?

Download Onic App

Use these instructions to download the Onic app on your iOS or Android device:


  • Use this link to access the Onic app page in the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pk.com.onic&hl=en&gl=US
  • To start the app’s download and installation process on your Android smartphone, tap the “Install” button.
  • You may use the Onic app and begin utilizing its capabilities as soon as the installation is finished.


  • Go to the Apple Store and search the Onic App.
  • Click or tap the “Install” button to start the download.
  • To finish the download, provide your Apple ID credentials if requested.
  • Once the download is complete, open the Onic app on your iOS device by tapping the “Open” icon.


In conclusion, Pakistan’s digital telecom environment has completely changed thanks to the Onic app. Onic has the potential to completely transform how Pakistani consumers access and manage their mobile services because of its user-centric design, extensive feature set, and dedication to delivering a flawless digital experience.

The app is a desirable choice for both tech-savvy people and others who are unfamiliar with digital platforms because of its user-friendly design, security features, and special benefits. Its hassle-free activation process, doorstep SIM delivery, and high-speed data plans distinguish it from other traditional telecom providers.


Is the Onic sim available in Pakistan?

Join Now at Onic – Pakistan. Step 1: Select your sim type and number, then place a free order. Step 2: Have the SIM delivered to your door and activated. Step 3: To enjoy the onic experience, purchase any plan.

Is Onic approved by PTA?

According to a statement released by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Friday, no new license has been granted to an operator to provide mobile services in Pakistan.

How is the Onic package checked?

Login to the Onic app or visit our website, Onic.pk, to see the full range of available goods (plans and add-ons) and additional perks.

What is the SIM code for ONIC?

Onic Sim’s serial numbers begin with 0339.

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