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How to Survive as a Maid in a Horror Game 13 Tips


The Murderer of Pflatzgraff Manor is a brand-new horror game created by A-coms. Welcome to its unsettling universe. While its breathtaking visuals have enthralled gamers, its legendary reputation stems from its extreme difficulty. Your survival skills as a maid trapped in this eerie home will be put to the test. Do not be alarmed! These are some crucial pointers to assist you go through the eerie corridors and out alive.

1. Dress the Part

Your outfit has a purpose as a maid. It serves as your shield from ominous apparitions and sly spirits. Make sure your hairpins are in place and your apron is properly knotted. A messy look might draw the notice of the paranormal.

2. Master the Art of Stealth

The quiet is on your side. Go silently into dimly lit hallways, being cautious to avoid loose tiles and noisy flooring. Because ghosts have acute senses, any noise might mean impending disaster. Walk as if your life were on the line because it really is.

3. Befriend the Ghosts

Hold on, what? You did really read correctly. Some ghosts have unresolved business or secrets. If you’re brave enough, strike up a conversation and pay close attention. They may provide you with hints or alert you to danger ahead. But keep in mind that not all ghosts are good.

4. Learn the House’s History

Every haunted house has a sinister history. Examine ancient notebooks, worn-out letters, and mysterious artwork. Discover the terrible things that happened in these walls. Since knowledge is power, realizing the curse’s effects might result in salvation—or at the very least, survival.

5. Avoid the Basement

In horror games, basements are always frightening. They have more cobwebs than a Pandora’s box. Refrain from exploring if you smell rot or hear odd noises. Nightmares thrive in the basement. You don’t want to meet the inhabitant down there, I assure you.

6. Collect Protective Charms in horror game

Keep an eye out for sanctified items or concealed talismans. Evil can be warded off by a silver cross, a sprig of sage, or even a fortunate rabbit’s foot. When things go hairy, they might save your life, so hold them near.

7. Don’t Put Your Trust in the Butler

Butlers in horror games are seldom who they seem to be. They may clean the silverware and plan your murder while serving you tea with a side of malice. Sustain a healthy suspicion. Refuse the butler’s midnight food offer with grace and go.

8. Escape Paths Are Important

Examine the design of the residence. Make a note of all the hidden entrances, passageways, and escape routes. You’ll need to get out quickly if the fear gets worse. And never forget that running in heels takes practice to become proficient.

9. Poltergeist Etiquette

Unruly houseguests can also be poltergeists. If you come across one, keep these guidelines in mind:

Ghosts are concerned about their antiquated clothing, so never make fun of their sense of style. To prevent ghostly outbursts, compliment their frayed clothing.

Serve cookies and tea. A strong cup of Earl Grey tea can calm the angstiest ghost. Have some cookies on hand in case of need.

Keep your eyes closed; poltergeists enjoy engaging in eye contact. They could challenge you to a ghostly dance-off if you make eye contact. You don’t want that, I assure you.

10. The Haunted Vacuum Cleaner

There’s one in every manor house; an old vacuum with a personality all its own. It prowls the corridors, suckling up dust and sometimes even spirits. Here’s how to handle it:

Give it a name: Give the vacuum cleaner a lovable moniker, such as “Suckatron” or “Dusty.” It values personal attention.

Make sacrifices: Place little mementos like an unfinished meal, a broken pocket watch, or a lost earring close to the charging station. Dusty is an avid collector.

Again, try not to make eye contact: Dusty could demand a dance-off if she sees you watching. We’ve alerted you.

11. Ghostly Cuisine in horror game

You’ll experience midnight feasts and ghostly banquets while working as a maid. This is what to anticipate:

Cutlery that floats: Don’t freak out if the knives and forks start to float. All they’re doing is honing their coordinated swimming technique.

Desserts ectoplasmic: Ghostly pastries have a regretful and nostalgic flavor. They are practically on fire, so sample them nicely, but stay away from the ghost pepper éclairs.

Wine pairings with Poltergeist: Select a magnificent vintage from the manor’s eerie cellar to go with your ectoplasmic dessert. The Phantom Merlot from 1842 is quite good.

12. The Portrait Gallery in horror game

Manors are fond of their eerie portraits. These realistic paintings follow your every action. How to get along with people is as follows:

Acknowledge their brushwork by saying something like, “Nice chiaroscuro technique!” when you pass a portrait. It will please the ghost of the artist.

Steer clear of photobombing: Avoid looking at family photos when in a séance. Not everyone enjoys having their ghostly family reunion interrupted by a photobombing maid.

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13. The Ghostly Butler’s To-Do List

Your butler is not an ally. His list of things to do is:

Putting the silverware in a shine: However, it’s cutlery that’s cursed, not silverware. Put on some gloves.

Tea serving: Haunted chamomile is used to make the tea. Decline politely.

Concealing your death: Typical butler behavior. Remain alert.


It’s not easy to survive as a maid in a horror game, but you can get beyond even the scariest challenges if you have the correct attitude and tactics. Remain composed, remain perceptive, and never undervalue the importance of resourcefulness. Recall that the key is not strength but rather skill in the horror game. You’ve got this! So get your mop and bucket and go off on the ultimate survival adventure!


1. What makes this horror game unique?

The visual horror game “Murderer of Pflatzgraff Manor” has become well-known. But many have become dissatisfied by its tremendous difficulty—where players must reset after every little move and suffer a high probability of dying—and have demanded refunds2.

2. Who is the protagonist, and what challenges does she face?

Amelia, the main character, is a maid who becomes stuck in the creepy Pflatzgraff Manor. She struggles with curses that tie her destiny to the haunted home, discovers buried history, and interacts with ghostly occupants1.

3. Can the maid defend herself against enemies?

Although maids usually lack access to conventional firearms, they can defend themselves by making do with homemade tools or things from their surroundings. Additionally, the safest course of action is frequently to use stealth methods to avoid confrontations.

4. What should I do if I encounter a locked door or obstacle blocking my path?

Look all about you for anything that can help you solve the puzzle, keys, or hints. In some sections of the horror game, doors may be unlocked and impediments can be removed by solving riddles or doing tasks.

5. How can I heal myself if I’m injured during gameplay?

Look about the game area for health packs or first aid kits. On the other hand, some horror games provide safe zones or health regeneration mechanisms that let you gradually regain health.

6. Is there anything more the maid can do with her cleaning materials but clean?

Definitely! Use your cleaning products creatively; they can serve as puzzle-solving tools, diversionary tactics, or homemade weapons. Try a variety of approaches to make the most of them.Read more about How to Survive as a Maid in a Horror Game

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