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Storygraph App not working how to fix it? 2024 Full Guide


For those who enjoy reading, the StoryGraph app is an excellent resource since it lets you keep tabs on your reading progress, find new books, and interact with other readers. Like any program, though, there are occasions when it will malfunction or stop functioning as intended. We’ll go over typical issues users run into and offer workable fixes in this guide to help you get your StoryGraph experience back on track.

Common Issues Reported by Users

Let’s examine some of the problems people have run into before getting into the fixes:

1. Books Not Updating:

A few customers have complained that their books, which they have marked as owned or read, are not updating properly. It can be annoying if the app doesn’t represent how many books you’ve read.

2. Consistent App Failures:

Others have reported regular program failures, such as unresponsiveness, loading problems, or crashes. You’re not the only one who finds it difficult to utilize the app regularly.

3. White Screen on Launch:

A few users have reported seeing a white screen upon app activation, blocking them from accessing their reading data.

4. Connectivity Issues:

On iOS, Android, or web browsers, some users have connectivity problems.

Solutions for Typical Issues

Let us handle each of these issues one by one:

1. Check Your Internet Connection:

Make sure your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection is steady. A shaky connection might occasionally cause app-related issues.

2. Check the Status of StoryGraph’s Server:

Server failures might cause interruptions for the application. See whether there are any lingering problems by heading to the StoryGraph Status page.

3. Restart Your Device:

A quick restart often solves problems. Shut down the application entirely and restart your phone.

4. Empty the App Cache:

Select Settings > Applications > StoryGraph > Delete Cache. Performance can be improved and underlying problems can be resolved by clearing the cache.

5. Compel Restart the application:

After closing the app, open it again. Occasionally, this fixes little bugs.

6. Revise the StoryGraph:

Make sure the application is installed in its most recent version. Updates frequently come with enhancements and problem fixes.

7. Get in touch with customer service:

Please get in touch with The StoryGraph App’s support staff if none of the aforementioned fixes resolve the issue. They can help with more difficult problems.

Common Dislikes Of StoryGraph App

Despite the app’s benefits, some users have voiced the following complaints:

  • There are several pages to close and travel back to in the UI, which might be confusing.
  • Finding pals on the app or determining who is following you might be difficult.
  • Small book listings may not always display the chosen format or edition.
  • Although not yet developed, a functionality to track pending owned books is recommended.

Hidden Gems on StoryGraph App: Unconventional Features and Tips

1. Personalized Reading Exercises

Were you aware that the StoryGraph App allows you to make custom reading challenges? Whether it’s a personal objective, a genre investigation, or a month with a theme, set a task and monitor your progress. Give it to other readers so they can be motivated as well!

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2. Recommended Book Lists

StoryGraph App provides community-curated book listings in addition to conventional suggestions. These selections, which range from “Under-the-Radar Gems” to “Diverse Voices,” introduce you to works you would not have otherwise come across. Look through and add books to your list of reads!

3. Recommendations Based on Mood

There are times when you just want to read a certain kind of book—perhaps something cozy, enigmatic, or stimulating. You may discover the ideal book using StoryGraph’s mood-based suggestions by using your present emotional state as a guide.

4. Hidden Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate the app like a pro. For example:

  • To get to your goal page, press G.
  • To mark a book as read, press R.
  • To filter your shelves, use F.

5. Discussions in the Community

Participate in conversations, join book groups, and make connections with other readers. The StoryGraph App community is a friendly and active group. Engage in literary arguments, offer recommendations, or discuss your opinions on recently read books.

6. Customized Data and Analysis

Use tailored metrics to gain insight into your reading habits. Find out what genres, how long books are on average, and how quickly you read. It is comparable to having a private reading tutor!

7. Upload Your Goodreads Information

You may easily import your data into StoryGraph App if you’ve been using Goodreads. Bid farewell to manual input and carry on uninterrupted with your reading trip.


Although the StoryGraph App has a lot of potential, there are times when it has glitches that make reading less enjoyable. You may get the most out of this useful tool by adhering to the troubleshooting procedures and keeping up with updates.

Remind yourself that a lot of other readers deal with comparable problems. Let’s spread our passion for reading and preserve the flourishing bookish community!

I hope this tutorial clears up any issues you may be having with the StoryGraph app. Enjoy your reading!


Is StoryGraph better than Goodreads?

If you enjoy reading in a communal setting and perusing reviews, Goodreads could be a better fit for you. The StoryGraph is likely to be your new favorite if you enjoy keeping tabs on your reading and statistics.

Is StoryGraph a free app?

An extensive feature-rich free substitute for Goodreads on Amazon. StoryGraph is a one-stop shop for all things book-related.

How do I download StoryGraph?

Android. Launch Chrome (installing the app through Chrome is recommended) and go to In the upper right corner of the screen, click the three vertical dotsSelect either “Add to Home screen” or “Install app”.

Is StoryGraph a social media?

That’s just not present in the StoryGraph. As of right now, there are no API integrations with other social networking networks. This implies that you cannot publish directly from The StoryGraph to Facebook or Twitter, nor can you import friends from those sites.

Can you add fanfiction to the StoryGraph App?

Not all reading material that is tracked on StoryGraph is books; some examples include fanfiction and literary journals.

Does StoryGraph have an API?

An API | Characteristics | The StoryGraph. An Application Programming Interface (API) that enables users and developers to create custom apps based on our platform or integrate StoryGraph data into their websites.

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