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For safe and pleasurable boating, navigation and weather forecasts are essential. The well-known Orca navigation software has been improved with Orca Pro Plus, which offers cutting-edge capabilities to assist boaters in organizing and carrying out their journeys.

In this blog article, we’ll go over all that Orca Pro Plus Apk has to offer in-depth, including multi-application compatibility, offline mapping, comprehensive weather information, and performance tailored for maritime use. We’ll also talk about the cost and how Orca Pro Plus stacks up against competing products.

What is Orca Pro Apk?

An improved version of the Orca navigation app for Android smartphones is the Orca Pro APK. Advanced features like multi-app compatibility, offline maps, comprehensive weather predictions, and performance optimized for maritime usage are all included. Boaters now have a complete navigation solution with the Orca Pro APK, which can be downloaded and installed on Android smartphones to enjoy these premium capabilities.

What is Orca Pro Plus Apk?

 Orca Pro Plus Apk

A premium navigation program designed for boaters is called Orca Pro Plus APK. The Orca app for Android smartphones has been improved and now includes offline maps, comprehensive weather predictions, multi-app compatibility, and performance optimized for maritime situations. Orca Pro Plus improves sailing experiences by offering navigational and weather monitoring tools. Its features include automated routing, sail routing capabilities, and better visibility in the sun. When boating, users can rely on this sophisticated tool to plan itineraries, navigate efficiently, and stay up to date on weather changes.

How does Orca Pro Plus Apk work?

The way Orca Pro Plus APK functions is by giving consumers access to cutting-edge navigational and entertainment capabilities. After downloading and installing the APK from reputable sources on their Android smartphones, users may make use of features like multi-app navigation, offline map functionality, and in-depth weather predictions.

Users may browse content, watch live TV, view video on demand, and register or log in to their accounts by following the instructions provided throughout the installation process. Ensuring a smooth and engaging user experience, the app provides a seamless experience for accessing a wide selection of entertainment material and navigation features on multiple devices.

Features of Orca Pro Plus Apk

Features of Orca Pro Plus Apk

Maps Not Shown Online

Downloading maps for offline use is one of Orca Pro Plus’s greatest benefits. This makes it possible for you to navigate without an internet connection, which is essential when sailing. Detailed bathymetry, navigational aids, and other maritime data are included in the downloadable maps.

Forecasts for the weather

Comprehensive weather data is provided by Orca Pro Plus, which includes:

  • Present circumstances
  • Radar pictures
  • Wavelengths and heights
  • Forecasts of tides

You may check the current weather information or a prediction for the next several days. This aids in planning the route and preparing for shifting circumstances.

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Support for Multiple Apps

The main navigation interface is the Orca app, however Orca Pro Plus also lets you run additional Android navigation apps. Popular choices like Aqua Map and Navionics are included in this.

Having different programs open gives you the freedom to utilize the charting and navigation tools of your choice. These programs can be used directly on the Orca Display 2 tablet, negating the need to link to an external device.

Sunlight Perception

Excellent visibility in direct sunlight is a feature of the Orca Display 2 tablet, which is used in conjunction with the Orca Pro Plus. In tests, while left in the sun, the Orca Display 2 did not overheat or shut down like other consumer tablets. Instead, it kept its brightness.

Because of this, the Orca system is perfect for usage on a boat’s bridge or cockpit, where heat and glare may be big problems for conventional tablets and phones.

Orca Pro Plus Cost

The free Orca software offers an in-app purchase for Orca Pro Plus. The subscription is now available for $99 a year. For the membership term, this grants access to the premium features.

The app and tablet are available separately for the Orca Display 2. At $1,299, it comes with the Orca app pre-installed.

Automated Path Planning

Route planning is made easier with Orca Pro Plus’s automated routing features. It may determine the best route between two locations by taking the weather, navigational risks, and water depth into account.

Additionally, the program provides a sail route tailored for sailboats. To maximize performance, it can recommend routes that are optimized for wind direction and speed.

By eliminating uncertainty from navigating, these cutting-edge routing tools assist sailors in making safer, more knowledgeable choices.

How to download and install Orca Pro Plus Apk?

download and install Orca Pro Plus Apk

Use these instructions to download and install Orca Pro Plus APK:

Get the APK here:

  • To get the Orca Pro Plus APK file, go to a reliable website like apkrabi.com or apkcombo.com.

Allow Unknown Sources of Installation:

  • Make sure the device settings permit the installation of programs from unidentified sources on your smartphone.

Install the APK in place:

  • After downloading, open the Orca Pro Plus APK file.
  • To install the app on your Android device, adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • You may successfully download and install Orca Pro Plus APK on your smartphone and use its superior navigation and entertainment features by following these instructions.

Orca Plus Prices Plans

Orca plus Prices Plans

For Orca Plus, there are three primary price plans:

Orca Plus (€49 / year): This plan improves the ability to plan routes by giving access to sail routing and offline charts.

Smart Navigation (€99 / year): The most sophisticated package, Smart Navigation (€99/year), offers a full range of navigational services, including Advanced AIS, Automatic Rerouting, and Logbook capability.

Orca Pro Max (€49 / year):  With 4K/Full-HD video quality, 80,000 movies and series, over 8000 TV stations, and neatly arranged channels, Orca Pro Max has it everything. The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, Fire TV Stick, and Android TV can all use it.

Some Pros and Cons of Orca Pro Plus Apk

These are the main benefits and drawbacks of Orca Pro Plus APK:


  • Variety of material offers more than 50,000 VOD episodes and series in addition to more than 5000 TV stations from various nations.
  • Excellent image quality enhances video quality by supporting H265 encoding at SD, HD, FHD, and 4K resolutions.
  • Cross-platform: Allows watching on any device, including Android TV boxes, tablets, phones, and smart TVs
  • User-friendly interface: has an easy-to-use and simple user interface for rapid content discovery and navigation.
  • Recurring updates Regular upgrades featuring fresh content and enhanced functionality


  • Stability problems: There may be delays or crashes, particularly when there is erratic internet connectivity.
  • advertising: There is obnoxious advertising in some APK versions.
  • Depending on the source: Performance and stability depend on the content source, which is subject to change over time.
  • Security risks: Giving personal information when registering might put your security at risk.


In conclusion, Orca Pro Plus APK distinguishes itself as a complete entertainment package by providing a wide variety of material, excellent viewing choices, and cross-device interoperability. Its frequent upgrades and user-friendly design make it an attractive option for entertainment aficionados looking for a range of materials on many platforms, even in spite of sporadic stability concerns and security dangers.

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