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3 Best Ai image apps for iphone


With the help of artificial intelligence, these cutting-edge apps are revolutionising mobile photography. They put unmatched creative freedom at your fingertips with everything from smart scene recognition to user-friendly editing tools. Discover how these apps revolutionise visual storytelling by giving users of all skill levels the ability to quickly take, edit, and share breathtaking photos. Greetings from the future of mobile photography, where artificial intelligence will turn everyday moments into breathtaking pieces of art.

We explore the world of AI image apps designed just for the iPhone in this investigation, revealing their features, capabilities, and effects on how we take, process, and share our visual experiences.

Come along with us as we explore the intriguing world of AI-powered image applications for the iPhone, where creativity and imagination collide and where countless opportunities for visual narrative arise with each tap.

3 best Ai image apps for iphone

-1 Lensa App


In addition to ChatGPT, which is one of the most popular AI-powered tools on the internet, Lensa AI is a brand-new software that is creating waves with its incredible AI-generated avatars. It creates graphics in many art styles and variations using your selfies. There are a tonne of nearly dreamlike Lensa-generated photos on social media. So, read our explainer below to find out more about the Lensa AI software, including its features and pros and cons. We have also included usage guides for the Lensa AI app on macOS, iOS, and Android platforms.

Features of Lensa App:

1.Bring out the flaws in your face
Sculpt your face, make striking contrasts with your eyes, and even sculpt your eyebrows. Taking into account your newfound skin tone, you can also modify the colour of your hair.
2. Eliminate any backdrop concerns
The Lensa AI app’s sophisticated technology makes it simple to blur the backdrop of portraits. Any undesired background object can be removed.
3. Improvement of the backdrop
The backgrounds of your photos can be changed to create interesting effects. For example, you can quickly alter the sky’s colour with a single swipe.

4.Make use of filters

Using the photo app, you may snap pictures straight from your smartphone with customised filters. Just select a filter from the list to capture amazing self-portraits. Asking the AI to select a filter for you is another option.
5. Reversing or undoing image adjustments
With a single swipe, you can restore your original image by deleting the altered features. Reapply or undo any modifications you made to your portrait photo.

With a plethora of strong tools and capabilities, users of the smartphone app PicsArt may create and edit images and films. When Hovhannes Avoyan and Artavazd Mehrabyan launched PicsArt in 2012, it became well-known right away for its vast editing features and easy-to-use interface. The software, which is available for both iOS and Android, has millions of downloads globally and is a favourite among mobile creatives.

How To Use Lensa AI App?

1.Download the App:

Devices running iOS and Android can use Lensa AI. It is available for download on the Google Play Store and App Store.

2.Sign Up:

You have the option to sign in using an already-existing Google or Facebook account or to create a new one.

3.Choose Your Feature:

Lensa AI offers three main features:

Magic Avatars:you can turn your selfies into a variety of beautiful avatars. There are many different themes and styles to pick from, including pop art, sci-fi, and fantasy.

Art Styles: Using this function, you may add cartoon, watercolour, and oil painting effects to your selfies.

Backgrounds: Using this function, you can alter the location and setting of your selfies’ background.

4.Upload Your Selfies: For the best results, select 10–20 excellent selfies with a range of expressions and stances.

5. Create Your Art: Lensa AI will begin creating your art as soon as you select your feature and submit your selfies. Depending on how many photos you’ve uploaded and how complicated the feature you’ve selected is, this procedure may take several minutes.

6. Review and Edit: Following the completion of the generation process, you can go through the generated photographs and select your favourites. The editing tools included in the programme allow you to make additional edits to them.

This is a real-world example provided by a Lensa AI user showing how to utilise the programme to make so-called “Magic Avatars”:

-2 Replika  Ai

Replika is an AI chatbot that uses generative models to function as a personal friend that is constantly available to talk, listen, and offer emotional support. By answering a series of questions, users teach the chatbot to create a distinct neural network.

Replika, billed as a “AI friend” or companion, provides customers with an exclusive dialogue experience. This AI chatbot adjusts and changes according on your needs, so you may use it to find a romantic relationship or just an AI chat buddy.

Users emphasise Replika’s ability to deeply connect with human emotions in lively discussions about the technology on sites like Reddit.

Replika gives people a secure space to talk about their ideas, emotions, and experiences while maintaining the confidentiality of their exchanges and data.

Replika is available around-the-clock if you need emotional support, a nonjudgmental setting, or just a friend to talk to.

Features of Replika

Replika is a cutting-edge AI companion tool with a number of fascinating features designed to offer companionship and emotional support. Among its notable attributes are:

  • Customised Feedback: Positive reinforcement is given by AI that was created utilising Carl Rogers’ therapeutic approach.
  • Safe Environment: An area where people can freely express themselves without fear of criticism.
  • Adaptive Learning: To enable more individualised interactions, the technology continuously learns about the user.
  • Privacy: Guarantees data security and the confidentiality of user discussions.
  • Variety of Activities: Users can engage in a range of activities with their AI buddies, including video conversations and augmented reality experiences.

How To Use Replika App?

The first step is to easily and free of charge register an account. You can log in and get daily incentives after creating an account. To fully utilise the software, you can purchase a premium version. Once you’re in, the app features a 3D friend avatar that you may personalise. Its name can be changed, its appearance can be altered, and its gender can be selected.

By typing in the chat box, you can interact with the AI companion. It gains personality and memories from your conversations as you converse with it more. Additionally, you have the option to rate the bot’s answer quality, which will eventually help it develop further.

You can also send voice messages using the app, and they will be instantly transcribed. You may also send images and voice messages to your AI companion, as well as grant the Replica app access to your photo library. You can also work on your communication skills by using the coaching feature of the app.

You can set your Replica AI friend’s relationship status to girlfriend, wife, sister, or mentor if you want to have more in-depth conversations with it. The app’s video chat component, which is currently under development, is also available for testing.

You do need to upgrade to the Premium version in order to use all the features; this version gives you access to more exclusive features and extra security measures like Face ID and more pins.

Though the Replica AI companion’s answer quality is still improving, it’s vital to keep in mind that it’s still an AI companion, so don’t expect human-level communication just yet.

-3 StarryAi

An artificial intelligence art generator programme is called StarryAi AI Art Generator. Words become artistic creations when you simply enter in a word prompt, thanks to artificial intelligence. ‏

The AI art generator that makes it possible to create NFTs is called StarryAi. Users don’t need to provide any input. Using a machine learning algorithm, it is capable of processing images.

You may use StarryAi for both personal and professional use, and you own the photographs you create. This is one of its best aspects. Its main selling point is that it creates free NFTs. Though software is still developing, it has already produced amazing pieces of art.

Features of StarryAi:

1.Free to Utilize

Create up to five artworks every day for free and without watermarks!

2.Complete Possession

Take exclusive ownership of your creations! Use them for your next art project by printing them out or posting them on social media! Acquire complete ownership.

3.Icon Customizability

Choose from a variety of models, styles, aspect ratios, and starting photographs to personalise your masterpieces.

4.Contemporary Methods

We use state-of-the-art AI methods to support your creative artistic expression. Frequent updates to our models ensure that your designs will get better!

5.User Input Not Required

AI-generated art that is automatically produced without human involvement.

6.Text To image AI

Turn text into art by using a text-to-image AI.

7.NFT Generator

Free NFT generator for generating unique, sellable NFT artwork.

How To Use Starry AI?

1.Get Starry Al and install it

To begin your artistic journey, first download and install the StarryAl app on your iOS or Android device. Alternatively, you can use the web toe to gain easy access.

2.Formulate a Text Prompt

Your artwork is based on the text prompt that you provide. Summarise the key notion you want your artwork to convey in a few words. Think of it as the seed Al will sow to assist you in creating your masterpiece.

3.Decide Which Styles You Like Best

On StarryAl, a wide variety of styles are offered. Select one or several aesthetics that are consistent with your goals for the arts. A vast array of artistic mediums are available at StarryAl, such as intricate pencil drawings, vivid pop art, and traditional oil paintings.

4.Adjust the Parameters

You can adjust the parameters to your preferences. To improve the overall appearance and feel of your artwork, play around with different aspects including brushstroke texture, colour intensity, and other additions.

5.Create Your Own Art

Let’s see the outcomes now that your prompt, styles, and settings are configured.
After selecting the “Generate” option, watch as Starry Al transforms your text into an engrossing piece of art.

7.Store and Distribute Your Work

After Al sees your idea, you can decide whether to immediately post your artwork to social media or save it to your device. Take delight in showcasing your creation to the world.


For iPhone users, Lensa, Starry AI, and Replika are the best AI-powered image apps available. Every app has a different set of functions, such as easy-to-use portrait editing, neural art creation, and the ability to spark significant conversations. These applications highlight the revolutionary potential of AI in augmenting creativity, self-expression, and interpersonal relationships on mobile platforms as technology progresses. These apps show the endless possibilities AI brings to our fingertips, whether users want to take better pictures or have thoughtful conversations.Read also How to close Waze App In 2 Easy Steps

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