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Top 4 Paid iPhone Apps for Free

Apps have become an essential part of our daily lives in a world where we’re attached to our smartphones all the time. Apps for practically anything are available, ranging from productivity tools to amusement. But what if you could have all of the premium features of apps that cost money without having to pay a single cent? In addition to discussing how to obtain premium iPhone apps for free, we’ll address some frequently asked issues regarding the intriguing world of app bargains in this blog post.

1. Finding Paid Apps on a Budget

App Store Price Drops

The App Store has millions of apps, so developers are constantly trying to find new ways to get their name out there. Price reduction marketing is one such tactic. programs Gone Free, a website run by AppAdvice, keeps track of previously purchased programs that are currently free.

Although personalized searches are not supported, it offers three free apps every day. App Shopper also offers a regularly updated list of the top 200 apps, newly released apps, and price reductions. Pay no money for premium apps by keeping an eye on these platforms.

Premium App Giveaways

Every week, Apple used to offer a premium app for free as part of its Free App of the Week promotion. Sadly, this initiative came to a stop with the revamping of the iOS App Store. Similar to this, Starbucks no longer offers its customers premium app vouchers; that ship has sailed. While there are no longer any official giveaways available, keep a look out for other campaigns.

Top Paid iPhone Apps You Can Get for Free

1. 5 Minute Journal: Self-Care


One excellent resource for encouraging appreciation and introspection is the 5 Minute Journal: Self-Care app. It invites you to set aside a little period of time every day to concentrate on the good things in your life. What to anticipate from this app is as follows:

Daily Prompts: The app offers guided questions to help you think back on your day, make intentions, and express gratitude. It should just take a few minutes to complete these prompts because they are meant to be simple and quick.
Notifications: Every day, a reminder will be sent to you to finish writing in your journal. It’s simple to include journaling to your habit and is encouraged by these subtle prods.
Sync Between Devices: Your devices will effortlessly sync with The Five Minute Journal. You may access your journal entries anywhere, at any time, using an iPhone, iPad, or PC.

Functions of the Free Version: The Free Version has useful functions even in the absence of a paid subscription. You can keep a journal of your ideas, monitor your emotional state, and develop optimistic thinking.
Benefits of the Premium Version: You can access more features by upgrading to the premium version, which costs $4.99 a month. These consist of adding images, recordings, and personalized prompts. Also, you may monitor your development over time.


Of course! An interesting app called Ahead can help you better control your emotions and feel better about yourself. Designed by professionals in behavior modification, it serves as a portable mentor, assisting you on a range of emotional experiences. What to anticipate from Ahead is as follows:

2. Ahead

Of course! An interesting app called Ahead can help you better control your emotions and feel better about yourself. Designed by professionals in behavior modification, it serves as a portable mentor, assisting you on a range of emotional experiences. What to anticipate from Ahead is as follows:
1. Select a Journey:

Ahead offers different paths to explore:

Get Things Done: Discover how to accomplish your goals and quit putting things off.
Be Self-Assured: Quit your inner critic and show them who you really are.
Remain Calm: Handle conflicts without becoming irrational or harboring resentment1.

2. Features

Notifications: Get nudges and reminders to keep moving forward.
Techniques for Changing Behaviour: Evidence-based methods are incorporated into Ahead to assist you in efficiently managing your emotions.
Compact-Sized Conversion: At home, at work, or while traveling, Ahead offers helpful advice.

Free Trial and Premium Options

Ahead provides a free trial so you may check out its features.
Take into consideration the premium membership (which starts at $4.99) for greater perks and deeper interaction.


For iOS users, the Unsplash app is an excellent way to browse through a large number of high-quality photos. What you should know is as follows:
1. Unsplash for iOS:

This program is incredibly focused on one thing and excels at it: integrating beautiful photographs into creative applications in a fast and simple manner.


Magnificent Pictures: Explore more than 5 million no-cost, high-definition pictures kindly contributed by photographers across the globe.
Desktop Wallpaper: Stunning images can be used to create a fresh desktop wallpaper every day.
Seamless Integration: Unsplash for iOS guarantees a seamless workflow whether you’re designing, blogging, or producing content for social media.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars with 8.5k ratings.

2. Unsplash Wallpapers:

Unsplash Wallpapers offers a variety of beautiful wallpapers to let you personalize your iPhone. Select from a wonderful selection of iPhone wallpapers that can be downloaded for free. You’ll discover wallpapers with themes related to your business, sports, nature, or art that speak to your sense of style.

3. Customization Tip:

Personalize the URL to establish a fast shortcut to Unsplash. Use keywords or point it towards a certain collection to locate the ideal wallpaper. There are countless options.

3. Blek

The unique and unusual puzzle game Blek blends imagination, ingenuity, and simple design. What you need to know about this intriguing software is as follows:


Everything you draw in Blek keeps moving, making for a captivating, magical experience.
The objective is straightforward: draw a line that passes through black holes and gathers all colored circles.


Minimalist Gameplay: Blek’s simple gameplay is characterized by its elegance and simplicity. You draw a snaking line that repeats in speed and pattern across the screen.

Countless Solutions: There are countless ways to complete each level, ranging from very simple to highly complex and profound. No specific movements need to be learned.

Aesthetic Pleasure: Witnessing the manifestation of your artwork is similar to being in the presence of art. Blek’s acoustic and visual design is soothing and captivating.

Awards and Acclaim:

Apple Design Award

Best Mobile Game (Casual Connect, Amsterdam)

Excellence in Innovation (International Mobile Gaming Awards)

Best Game (Content Award Vienna)3

4. Canva

Canva is a flexible design tool that makes it easy for users to produce stunning papers, visual content, and images. Canva caters to a wide range of users, including designers, company owners, and those looking to improve their social media presence. What you should know about the iPhone app Canva is as follows:

1. Downloading and Installing Canva:

Start by downloading and installing the Canva app from the App Store if you haven’t already.
The app works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 13.0 or later.

2. Creating Beautiful Designs:

  • You’ll see the Canva home screen as soon as you log in.
  • Examine the user-friendly interface to find an abundance of design choices:
  • Templates: Thousands of ready-to-use, free templates are available for a variety of uses.
  • Magic Studio: Make the most of AI with tools like picture enhancement and backdrop removal.
  • Design tools: Make business cards, flyers, posters, logos, and posts for social media.
  • Photo and Video Editing: Use Canva’s editing features to improve your images.
  • Cooperation: Teams of various sizes may create together using Canva for Teams.

3. Saving and Sharing Your Designs:

  • Save your creation inside the app after you’ve finished it.
  • Send your design straight from Canva by text, email, or social media.
  • Canva makes sharing simple, whether you’re presenting a polished presentation, an eye-catching Instagram post, or a personalised invitation.

4. Canva Pro and Other Plans:

Canva provides several plans:

  • Free: Anyone can create anything, alone or in collaboration with friends, family, or other people.
  • Pro: For people who want unrestricted access to premium design tools and content.
  • Teams: With upscale office and brand tools, for cooperative design within teams.
  • Education: A valuable, no-cost resource for schools, districts, and learners alike.
  • Nonprofit: All registered NGOs can use Canva Pro for free.


In conclusion, even though premium iPhone apps are usually paid for, astute users can utilise a number of strategies to get these apps for nothing. You may increase your app collection for free in a number of ways, such as through gift card redemptions, temporary discounts, and App Store promotions. Users may unleash the full potential of their iPhones with premium apps that improve productivity, creativity, and pleasure by being informed and exploring their alternatives.Read more about  “How To Delete Cash App Account Permanently 2024″

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